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    Denied shift klik voor mob coins note

    Mobcoin will be added to sellwand
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    Done 1.8 support

    Next restart this will be possible
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    Accepted Events

    I personally think it is a good idea but I think this would be something for season 2 when everything is balanced and working as intended
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    Denied imbalanced iron

    This changes when the custom timers for crops are back
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    Denied Island Chat

    We solved the issue where helpers could see the islandchats
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    Denied Island Chat

    We are not gonna remove this since there are also people who are not friends and we need to keep some kind of control. We checked the permission and only moderators and higher can see your messages and that is what was intended. If you feel uncomfortable with that you can always move your...
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    Done Vote keys

    We are currently working on a new list with vote rewards :)
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    Denied /god for legend

    -- Declined we won't be adding it to legend we made it for immortal to give them something extra :)
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    Denied Island settings perms

    Helaas gaat dat dit seizoen niet lukken omdat de huidige skyblock systeem dit niet toestaat. Volgend seizoen zal er een ander systeem zijn en hopelijk staat die dit wel toe.
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    Done Fix/Fix all

    We will look at it as soon as possible we will surely lower the fix time but we need to check if we can make it work for each person individual.
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    Rules Explanations

    Account trading Trading or attempting to trade accounts is not allowed. This is to prevent scams. Advertising Sharing IP addresses of other Minecraft servers is not allowed. Persuading others to join another Minecraft server by mention the server's name or promoting other Minecraft servers is...
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    Rules & Punishments

    We ensure that all players have the best experience on the network by providing them with a safe, fair and friendly playing environment. In order to achieve this, we strictly enforce a set of rules which all players must follow. By logging on to the MineSwift Network or using the Discord and...
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    Allowed & Disallowed Modifications

    The use of any modification that provides an unfair advantage is not allowed. This includes any modification(s) made to your Minecraft client, computer, or mouse through the use of auto-click/burst clicking macros or buttons. Any modifications that is not on these lists is purely USE AT YOUR...
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    Skyblock Season 1 - 30-01-2021

    Hello Everyone, We are happy to announce some bug fixes: - Island chat (You can now use /ischat to toggle island chat) - Economy makes the server crash sometimes. - Missing permissions fixed - /chatcolor (color) added - MobCoins drop on a paper. - Mobs stack to solve the insane amount of...
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    Done lag fix

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    Done is tc

    Solved /ischat added!
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    Hello, Since the current plugin is more a bugg than a feature I would love to know what kind of enchants you want :) Tonight I will spend alot of time in adding things (can't guarantee will be done in one night) and then we will move on from there so we can get it as perfect as possible.